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  • Google lifts the lid on stadia
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    Google Lifts the Lid on Stadia

    In the words of Phil Harrison (Vice President and General Manager for Google), Stadia will make “one place for all the the ways we play”. Google’s game streaming service Stadia […] More

  • Blockbuster: from 9094 to 1

    Blockbuster: From 9094 to 1

    Blockbuster Morley in Perth Western Australia closed it’s doors, making the Bend store in Oregon USA the last remaining Blockbuster store in the world! With subscriber numbers for streaming services […] More

  • Electroneum have built a smartphone
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    Electroneum Have Built a Smartphone

    Mobile based cryptocurrency company Electroneum have released a phone that “pays you back”. The phone dubbed the M1 is available now for $80 USD and comes with the company’s Cloud […] More

  • Samsumg unpacks the galaxy fold
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    Samsumg Unpacks the Galaxy Fold

    Samsungs revealed details on their new Galaxy Fold phone at their recent Unpack event. The Galaxy Fold… well… Folds, opening up reveal a huge 7.3 inch screen on the inside. […] More

  • Crypto in 2019

    Crypto In 2019

    Cryptocurrency is not something you hear much about anymore for a few reasons; Firstly all the tech writers who threw spare hardware at building mining rigs are still trying to […] More

  • Apple: games as a service
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    Apple: Games as a Service

    Are Apple going to be the next big player in the gaming space? Probably not but they are certainly looking capitalise on the gaming boom. The App Store is reported […] More

  • Rip cheat codes
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    RIP Cheat Codes

    Cheat codes have been a part of games from as far back as the mid 1980s. With the most famous example being the Konami code which has, and is, used […] More

  • Jeff kaplan is killing goats!
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    Jeff Kaplan is killing goats!

    Not actual goats, but the now infamous team composition in Overwatch consisting of 3 tanks 3 healers (3,3). For months now anyone playing Competitive Overwatch would have no doubt been […] More