Boomerang X Preview

Boomerang X Preview

Boomerang X is an upcoming action platformer from developer Dang! and powerhouse publisher Devolver Digital. While there is no definitive release date for the game yet, a demo is available on Steam that gives players a taste of the fast-paced, acrobatic action. Boomerang X takes players to a mysterious world infested with insidious creatures and tasks them with taking them out one by one. The game’s colourful yet simplistic art style and arena-based combat work excellently together to create a challenging yet rewarding experience guaranteed to give players hours of entertaining gameplay.


As you can guess from the name, Boomerang X features an incredibly versatile boomerang. While the weapon functions much as you would expect, there are a few surprises when it comes to gameplay and how the boomerang functions. Due to embargos, we can’t dive into too much detail about the weapon’s abilities, but it is safe to say the use of the boomerang is creative and ever-evolving. Players will use the boomerang to traverse the game world and move between closed-off arena-style combat encounters. Enemies in these encounters were quite varied and helped to keep combat from feeling repetitive.


One of the core components of Boomerang X is combat. By using the boomerang to fly through the air and bounce from foe to foe, players can become a deadly Spider-Man/fighter jet combo and deal out some serious mayhem. Enemies feature unique designs that require special tactics to take out. Over time, players will develop a better grasp of the game’s mechanics, allowing them to learn new and more efficient means of defeating foes. The combat in the game does an excellent job of feeling responsive yet punishing and leaves little room for user error. Master the controls of Boomerang X will take time, but the learning process is a part of what makes the game so enjoyable.

My Favourite Things

The art style and game world of Boomerang X is gorgeously vibrant. Each environment feels noticeably different, and there is a significant amount of storytelling taking place in the scenery of each level. Often I found myself stopping to explore and look around areas before moving onto the following location. The contrast of the pitch-black enemies against the vibrant environment does an excellent job of making enemies stand out even in the most fast-paced and frantic moments. While Boomerang X may not be the most mechanically complicated game out there, it’s clear that every tiny detail has been carefully thought over and tested.


Boomerang X is right on brand with everything else coming from Devolver Digital recently. The game feels like an energetic slap in the pants that throws you up in the air and doesn’t let you down till everything’s dead. Fast-paced combat and simple yet thought-out level design make the game a compact and rewarding experience that will be a favourite of speedrunners for years to come. Grab the demo now on Steam, and get a taste of the chaotic carnage that is Boomerang X before it arrives later this year.

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Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi