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ASUS ROG Electro Punk Edition Gaming Peripherals Announced

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced the release of a new range of gaming peripherals dubbed ‘Electro Punk‘ — The new lineup features an unmissable black-and-pink color scheme that ensures ROG gamers will stand out from the crowd.

Originally introduced in April, the Electro Punk colours can now be found on the ROG Strix Go 2.4 Gaming Headset, ROG Strix Scope TKL Gaming Keyboard and the ROG Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse. Not stopping there, the unique style has also found its way to ROG Mouse Pads, Backpacks and T-Shirts, just to name a few.

ROG Strix Go 2.4 Electro Punk Gaming Headset

The ROG Strix Go 2.4 Electro Punk is a USB-C 2.4 GHz wireless headset that promises to enable lag-free audio on all your favourite devices including PC, PS4, Xbox, and even the Nintendo Switch. The Electro Punk Strix Go 2.4 features a pink piping in and around the headband, ear pads, and a ROG logo to give this Electro Punk edition that funky touch.

Asus rog electro punk edition gaming peripherals announced
Asus rog electro punk edition gaming peripherals announced 1

The Strix Go 2.4 also flaunts a detachable boom mic, built-in volume and mic buttons, and promises to deliver a wide soundstage thanks to signal diversion technology. It also has a handy fast-charge feature that provides up to three hours of use after just a 15-minute charge, with up to 25 hours of use on a full charge — Meaning all wireless gamers don’t have to worry about battery life.

ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk Gaming Keyboard

The new ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk gaming keyboard is the perfect companion for your Electro Punk Gaming Headset. Not only does it feature sleek and sexy pink keycaps on all essentials keys like the space bar, backspace and cursor keys, but the ROG Strix Scope TKL incorporates these keycaps with customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting across all keys, including the ROG logo and underneath the chassis.

Asus rog electro punk edition gaming peripherals announced
Asus rog electro punk edition gaming peripherals announced 2

The features don’t stop there; The ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk also features an enlarged left Ctrl key, Cherry MX switches, aluminum-topped construction and of course, its TKL compact size. The Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk is not only stylish but here to make a statement in the FPS scene.

ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk Gaming Mouse

Asus rog electro punk edition gaming peripherals announced

The ROG Strix Impact II has been designed with professional gamers in mind. And honestly, who is more professional than yourself, right? It promises to glide smoothly over surfaces and features an ergonomic designed that is optimized for comfort.

With a 6,200 DPI optical sensor, ROG ensures accuracy and responsiveness that can be adjusted on-the-fly by a button on the mouse. Just quietly, I would love to meet someone who plays with anything over 5000 DPI?

The ROG Strix Impact II gets the Electro Punk touch with a touch of pink RGB lighting to contrast its black chassis.

ROG Sheath Electro Punk Gaming Mouse Pad

What better way to flex your true Electro Punk style than by having all your latest periferals resting stylishly on your brand new Electro Punk Gaming Mouse Pad? Coming in at 889mm by 431 mm, the ROG Sheath Electro Punk Gaming Mouse Pad is not only huge, but also promises comfort and cushion for ROG peripherals.

Electro Punk Gaming Backpack and T-Shirts

Still want more? have you gone Elctro Punk crazy? Well fear not because ROG has got you covered from head to toe! Introducing the ROG Ranger BP1503 Electro Punk Gaming Backpack designed to keep you looking fresh and allowing you to organise your cords with a cushioned compartment to keep up to a 15‑inch laptop safe and secure. And last but not least, the ROG Electro Punk and ROG Retro Punk T-Shirts are up for grabs to show off your ROG pride with a unique cyberpunk twist.

The Electro Punk peripherals and lifestyle accessories will be available in Australia beginning late July 2020.

For more on ASUS, check out our previous coverage.

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