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Brawlhalla Battle Pass Announced!

Welcome Brawlhalla Battle Pass

Brawlhalla is known for their awesome crossovers with Hellboy, Adventure Time and even WWE have all crashed their party as of late. Well, it seems that the party isn’t stopping there as Brawlhalla is now introducing their very own Battle Pass system to help you get your hands on some epic skins!

The Season One Battle Pass allows players to progress by earning Gems — How do you earn Gems you ask? By completing general, daily and weekly challenges that fall in line with the majority of Battle Passes on the market. One Daily Mission is given to each player every day, with players having a choice to attempt or recycle this for a new one. Weekly Missions open each new week of the Battle Pass and will not expire until the end of the Battle Pass season. Although, if you can’t be stuffed with the grind of challenges, you can always unlock them all for 35 Mammoth coins.

Players who choose not to purchase the Gold Battle Pass are free to tear up the teirs in the free pass, which still offers up plenty of loot including Avatars, Color Schemes, Weapon Skins, Taunts and even Sidekicks.

The Gold Battle Pass however offers Brawlhalla players a little something extra, in fact it’s the finest premium loot and accessories that Demon Island has to offer. It also includes extra Weekly Missions that allows players to earn their way to exclusive Brawlhalla content. As a bonus, making it to tier 85 will unlock Hattori’s Epic Skin if you really want to show off to your friends.

Brawlhalla is available now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 , and PC, with mobile coming soon.

For more information about Brawlhalla, please visit and for our previous coverage check out this link.

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