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Brimestone Brawlers Enters Steam Early Access

Brimestone Brawlers Steam Early Access

One of my favourite games from PAXAUS2019 is finally hitting Steam Early AccessBrimstone Brawlers was a game that caught our eye at PAXAUS2019, so much so that we briefly discussed the battle arena brawler in our dedicated PAX Rising post last year, along with a number of other quality indie games that caught our attention.

Brimestone brawlers
Brimestone brawlers enters steam early access 1

Brimstone Brawlers is multiplayer PvP arena game set in a lovecraft inspired industrial Victorian city. Brimestone Brawlers features a number of quirky Brawlers that each feature their own unique abilities and playstyles such as the explosives wielding Bomber and the Traveller who carries a suitcase around with a strange tentacle creature inside. The real kicker however is how players can interact with the danger arenas — Each gorgeous arena is filled with a number of dangerous hazards that can be the difference between winning and losing.

Upon launch, Brimstone Brawlers is set to feature a number of PvP modes such as Free For All Deathmatch, Free For All Stock, Team Deathmatch and Team Stock. Tired of beating your opponents to death? why not try the bonus Bamball mode. What is Bamball? Developer Ategig describes it as “Brimstone’s violent take on football, where they can use their abilities to disrupt (or kill) their opponents before scoring the winning goal”.

Brimstone Brawlers will enter Early Access next week, May 20 and will be available to purchase for $19.95 AUD ($14.99 USD).

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