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#CoDMobile Community Challenge ANZ

#CoDMobile Community Challenge ANZ!

Activision is about to squad up with the Australian Esports League, to announce the first-ever Call of Duty Mobile tournament in ANZ – the #CoDMobile Community Challenge ANZ. The event is launching with $5,000 grand up for grabs for Season 1 and will allow players to compete in three seasons of competition from February to July 2021.

The tournament will take place over five weeks with players competing in a group stage, with the top squads progressing into the final playoffs. The Grand Finals for Season 1 will take place on 6 March 2021.

All the action will be streamed live on the Australian Esports League’s Twitch channels so everyone can enjoy with live commentary. But remember ALL players must register by 4 February AEDT with the competition beginning 6 February AEDT.


  • The tournament is open to players living in Australia and New Zealand
  • Players must be aged 15+ to register and participate
  • Matches will take place over Android and iOS in 5v5 format
  • 5v5 mode
  • The tournament will feature a groups stage and finals playoffs
  • Competition begins 6 February 2021
  • Terms and Conditions apply

If you’re interested in signing up for the first-ever #CoDMobile Community Challenge in ANZ, register here by 4 February AEDT.  

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