Can it run crysis? This is crysis remastered's highest graphic setting
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Can It Run Crysis? This Is Crysis Remastered’s Highest Graphic Setting

Can it run Crysis? This long-running meme that has flooded the internet since the launch of the original Crysis back in 2007. Why? Because Crysis was simply breathtaking and pushed PC hardware beyond its capabilities. Crytek has paid tribute to this meme by naming the highest graphical setting of the upcoming Crysis Remastered as ‘Can It Run Crysis?’.

Along with the announcement, Crytek also released a 4K screenshot showcasing all of the ‘Can It Run Crysis?’ beauty. Unfortunately, Twitter’s image compression has reduced the quality of the image. But nevertheless, Crysis Remastered is going to be one gorgeous game upon its release

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