Elgato at ces 2020 - 4k recording straight to sd card!
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ELGATO at CES 2020 – 4K Recording Straight to SD card!

Elgato are the market leader when it comes to hardware and software for content creators and it’s a market that just keeps growing.

This year at CES they dropped their all-new 4K60 S+ an external 4K60 HDR10 capture solution capable of standalone SD card recording, that’s right, 4K recorded straight to an SD card.

The 4K60 S+ is Elgato’s most powerful external capture device to date and features USB3, true “zero lag” passthrough and onboard HEVC encoding to help manage file sizes when recording direct to an SD card.

Elgato’s parent company Corsair also announced their K95 RGB PLATINUM XT mechanical gaming keyboard which is the first keyboard to integrate the Elgato Stream Deck software which enables “powerful instant control of streaming apps and devices at just the press of a key.”

Elgato at ces 2020 - 4k recording straight to sd card!
Elgato at ces 2020 - 4k recording straight to sd card! 1

To top it all off Elgato has also released a more compact version of their popular Key Light, the Key Light Air.

Equipped with 80 premium OSRAM LEDs and multi-layer diffusion technology, the edge-lit LED panel outputs 1,400 lumens and a wide range of warm to cold color temperatures between 2,900-7,000K.

So now there is really no excuse to stop you booting up your favorite game and showing off your skills to the entire world. I look forward to seeing your sweaty, pale, well-lit faces crammed in the corner of some epic, crisp 4k gameplay.

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