Empire of sin now available for pre-order
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Empire of Sin Now Available for Pre-Order

One of my most anticipated games of 2020, Empire of Sin, is finally available for Pre-Ordering ahead of its December 2 release date. Empire of Sin is set to hit all current-gen consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo switch for an RRP of $59.95 AUD.

Haven’t heard of Empire of Sin? This turn-based, character-driven story is set in the criminal underworlds during the 1920s Prohibition-era. Players do whatever it takes to make their way up the underground chain of organised crime; hustle, charm, or blow your way to the top, the choice is entirely up to you.

Both the Pre-Order edition as well as the Day One Edition come with exclusive in game bonus content.

Pre-Order Edition (Physical & Digital)

Pre-Order now to receive The Good Son Pack, which includes an exclusive in-game mission and recruitable gangster. Help Cyril Mcrae reconnect with his estranged father by fighting alongside him and get him to join your gang. 

Deluxe Edition (Digital Only)

The Deluxe Edition includes a mobster pack which contains four recruitable gangsters, the Golden Weapon Set that comes with three exclusive weapon skins plus “Romero” gun sound effects, and unique execution animation for your boss character – the Curb Stomp Execution. That smarts! 

Premium Edition (Digital Only)

The Premium Edition grants access to all Deluxe Edition content – the mobster pack, Golden Weapon set and Curb Stomp Execution kill – plus two post-launch expansions and the stylish Al Capone’s Fur Coat costume.

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