Fall guys: behind the schemes
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Fall Guys: Behind the Schemes

Get an in-depth look at Fall Guys before launch with the ‘Behind The Schemes’. The mini-documentary gets up close and personal with the game’s developer Mediatonc.

The mystical wizards at Devolver Digital have just released the newest episode of ‘Behind The Schemes’ featuring Fall Guys! Follow host JT as he visits Mediatonic in London and forces the developers to compete in his real-life Fall Guy course. When not dodging obstacles, the devs will give insight into what inspired the game as well as a tour around the office. The 11-minute video features a deep dive into the creative process behind the game and answers the age-old question “What is the key to perfect floppiness?”

Visit fallguys.com or follow the brilliant @FallGuysGame on Twitter to prepare for your turn at glory! Fall Guys is out on PC & PS4, August 4th!

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Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi