Godzilla in microsoft flight simulator? Here is how
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Godzilla in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Here is how

It was only a matter of time until modders stopped wasting their time on boring mods such as new planes, improved fuel mechanics, and unimportant monuments such as Stade de France stadium and Stonehenge. And instead focused their skills on important features that will make Microsoft Flight Simulator even better, such as introducing the King of Monsters himself to the game, Godzilla!

That’s right, modder Sergio Perea has released perhaps the greatest mod yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator by adding the fearsome Godzilla as an attraction just by the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. As you would expect, the mod is far from perfect. In fact, the Godzilla model is basically a prop and unfortunately doesn’t move, smash, or even scream to scare off innocent civilians. Nevertheless, it is still amazing to see Godzilla enjoying his (her?) time in San Francisco during one of your leisurely flights across the US.

Want to experience Godzilla for yourself? Download the Godzilla mod from Nexus Mods here and follow the simple instructions.

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