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Iron Harvest 1920+ gets Razer Chroma RGB makeover!

Iron Harvest 1920+ gets Razer Chroma RGB makeover!

King Art Games and Razer have just announced an exciting collaboration of a Razer Chroma RGB for the upcoming RTS Iron Harvest 1920+. The integration of a specially tailored Razer Chroma RGB lighting experience to enhance the Iron Harvest experience promises to immerse gamers more than ever.

Polania, Saxony or Rusviet? Anyone will do, as you show who you are fighting for with a specialized Razer Chroma RGB lighting profile to match your journey. King Art Games and Razer are also looking to their loyal community to see if they can incorporate any ideas and efforts, for what should become a joint Lightning experience.

Unfortunately, this is all deets we have right now but we promise you more information will follow and MEF TECH will keep you informed.

For more on Iron Harvest 1920 or Razer, check out our previous coverage.

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