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Loop Hero Update Serves Up New Tiles & Enemies

Loop Hero Update

Stylish rogue-like deck builder Loop Hero has now welcomed over 800,000 players on Steam. Published by Devolver Digital and developed by Four Quarters, Loop Hero today will receive its first major update, focusing on player feedback, quality of life improvements, new tiles and enemies!

Check out the Four Quarters from revealing the design origins of the critically acclaimed Loop Hero below.

New features include: 

  • Save On The Go: The new update features an option to save & exit the game in the middle of an expedition, preserving your progress in-progress!  
  • Perks Deck: A new option that locks boss perks so they don’t drop in the expedition perk pool
  • Escape From Battle: Safety-conscious heroes can now escape during battles with 30% of your resources.
  • Speed Up: The speed button now includes up to 4x expedition speed and 2.5x battle speed
  • Inventory Management: Items can now be locked in the inventory by right-clicking on them
  • Deck Switching: Decks can now be switched in the cards, supplies, perks menus.
  • New Tiles, New Enemies: 3 new tiles and 2 new enemies have been added to the game, but it’s up to you to find them…

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Written by Chris Carew

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