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Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Will Vanquish Evil in 2020

Great news today as Devolver Digital and Ronimo Games has shed some light on their latest multiplayer dungeon crawler, Blightbound. With online & local multiplayer being available, distinct roles and over 20 heroes to choose from, things are looking bright for 2020.

The games lore stands as The world lies in peril. Decades ago, a band of legendary warriors slayed the dreaded Shadow Titan after a long and ferocious struggle, but their celebration was short-lived. The Shadow Titan’s true intentions revealed themselves when from his broken husk flowed the Blight; a corrupting fog that alters any living creature exposed to its evil.”

Players are given the choice of three heroes to fight back the abominations of the Blight – a mysterious and corrupting fog that enshrouds the land. With plenty of things to do including handcrafted guns, find valuable loot and recover fallen heroes to expand your team with classes like warrior, assassin or make to overcome the challenges that awaits them.

Blightbound developer Robin Meijer also has a guest gig on The Devolver Digital Forkcast, which you can check out here at

Blightbound is coming to Steam for Early Access in 2020.

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