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One of our favorite parts of PAX is none other than PAX RISING. It’s our chance to check out some of the finest indie developers within Australia and New Zealand. This year we picked 3 of our favorite games that we played at PAX RISING and decided to give each of them a quick plug.

Brimstone Brawlers

Brimstone Brawlers is an action packed arena-beat’em-up where players battle it out as peculiar characters dueling in the industrial city of Brimstone. Shaun and I had the pleasure of playing this aswell as meeting the team behind it, and we were quite impressed with the amount of detail that this small team has put into it. The levels are designed to be small, yet fun arenas with different deadly surroundings to help you to victory, or more than likely, ruin your chances of it! There are about half a dozen brawlers to choose from, each with there own special abilities, weapons and traits that affect how players wish to overcome the arena as the ultimate brawler. Although the game is not yet available make sure you check them out on Steam here.

Rooftop Renegade

Once again the team at Melonhead Games have made it onto my list with their fast paced, hover-blading platformer- Rooftop Renegades. Rooftop Renegades always seems to do well with me, it runs smoothly, it looks great, and it has a fun chaotic multiplayer mode that all lat the foundation for a great game. The object of the game is to boost, grind and warp through levels, keeping ahead of the evil Globacorp. The multiplayer mode pits three players against one runner and while the Globacorp soldiers have the weapons, traps and power at their disposal, it still may not be enough to stop the renegade. There is no release set as yet, but you should definitely check out their official website because honestly, Melonhead are doing some pretty cool things!

Fork Knights

If you like puns, this is the game for you! Fork Knights is developed by Screenshock Games, a small New Zealand developer with about 6 employees. Fork Knights is a fencing brawler featuring food fighters battling it out for BBQ domination, I’m not joking! Fork Knights was originally a school project that had to be based on a sport, in this instance Fencing. Since then, it has developed into a light-hearted brawler where up to 4 players compete on challenging levels such as a BBQ, kitchen and picnic tables that all present unique challenges. Players are able to select one of 9 pieces of food players that although are mechanically the same, feature bright and gorgeous designs and humorous names such as Serious Ham, Choi Boi and Fineapple, all fighting it out to be the Last Ham Standing!

What stood out the most is while all the characters are evenly matched in the way of moves and weapons, the levels become the challenging part. There are a number of variables on each level such as gas burners, knives chopping down and moving platforms that create chaos and introduce a truly fun experience. Fork Knights is out now on Steam and consoles.

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