Playstation australia kicks off its #psplusplays competition!
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PlayStation Australia Kicks Off its #PSPlusPlays Competition!

#PSPlusPlays competition kicks off May with Predator: Hunting Grounds exclusive prizes

Today Playstation Australia have kicked off their #PSPlusPlays competition by announcing a monthly competition that is perfect for all the Predator: Hunting Grounds fans out there. As of today, players will be given the chance to win exclusive prizes just for showcasing their ultimate skills in Predator: Hunting Grounds — I am not talking exclusive prizes like weapon skins or a fancy in-game coats, oh, boy no… If you show PlayStation your best kill as the Predator you can win a replica Predator mask and a Predator hybrid metal “6” action figure; How awesome is that! Check it out below and remember “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

You want to win? easy, simply boot up Predator: Hunting Grounds on your PS4, capture your best kill as the Predator and share to Twitter using the hashtag #PSPlusPlays, it’s that simple.

To learn more about the competition head to the #PSPlusPlays webpage here for more information and for all our previous coverage on Predator: Hunting Grounds you can find that here.

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