Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave
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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Operator and Map Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

The second season of Year 5 Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave is getting closer to breaching, and it’s bringing two new Operators, a new map rework, a tweak for Amaru, and a new secondary gadget.

Ace is the newest operator to join the roster, hailing from Norway he joins the Attackers with a new throwable hard-breaching gadget. The gadget known as SELMA is a small cylindrical canister that can be thrown onto a breachable surface hard or soft where it will stick and deploy explosive arms in an “X” shape. If not destroyed or stopped it can deploy 3 times and created a massive line of sight. Ace is also strapped with an AK-12 assault rifle equipped with NATO sights, a M1014 Shotgun and a P9 sidearm.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

While Melusi the latest Defender hails from South Africa and is strapped with a device that slows the movement of any Attackers in its radius and line of sight. The device known as her Banshee gadget is deployable on vertical and horizontal surfaces, the Banshee emits a loud humming noise whenever an Attacker steps into its radius, not only does it alert the defenders of an enemy in their position but it also slows down the attackers the closer they get to it. Melusi is jacked up with her T-5 SMG, Super 90 shotgun and RG15 sidearm.

The House map rework, the tweak for Amaru, and the new secondary gadget will be free for all players when Operation Steel Wave launches but as always the two Operators will be available at launch for Year 5 Pass holders, and all non year pass holders can unlock them using Renown or R6 Credits one week after launch.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

Certain Defenders now have the ability to select the proximity alarm as their secondary gadget. Which are self explanatory really, stick them in hard to see places and when an attacker walks over them it alerts yoyr team with a loud beeping noise. Extremely helpful when used correctly.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

House is the Newest map to be reworked. The upstairs workshop is now a pink bedroom with a walk-in closet, and the roof of the front porch has been enclosed to create a new hallway between the pink bedroom and the bathroom. There is a substantial new two-story addition on the back of the house, including rooms themed around entertainment, music, and play, as well as a new staircase and exterior balcony.

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