ROG Scabbard II Mouse Pad
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ROG Scabbard II Mouse Pad

ROG Scabbard II Mouse Pad Shown Off At ROG Meta Buffs

The ROG Scabbard II mouse pad was announced this week during the ROG Meta Buffs launch. The ROG Scabbard II is made from is made out of durable fabric with a military-grade nano-coating and offers alot of space for a keyboard, mouse. Promising to be water, oil and dust resistant. Also featuring anti-fray, narrow-stitched edges and a non-slip rubber base. Check out the Meta Buffs launch event below.

“Recently, people are spending much more time at home working, learning and playing. With a greater focus on doing what they enjoy the most, a lot of gamers have aspired to level up by adding peripherals or upgrading their PC components,” said Jackie Hsu, ASUS Senior Vice President and Co-Head of the Open Platform Business Group and AIoT Business Group. “For all of you looking to gain an advantage in gaming, ROG is here to upgrade your gaming experiences with meta buffs.”

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