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Trackmania Unveils Edition Experiences

Trackmania is back to test your skills once again

The remake of the beloved Trackmania Nations, Trackmania, is headed our way to PC July 1 this year. Offering 3 different editions at launch being the Starter Access, Standard Access, and Club Access hoping to service all fans new and old alike.

The Starter Access is free for all racers and is there to give you a taste of whats on offer, including 25 tracks for solo or multiplayer racing. Players can earn medals, record scores, and check out tracks created by other players in the Arcade Channel. You can also try out a small bit of the track, replay, and skin editors, and compete in the weekly Nations League.

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Players who purchase the Standard Access, will get full access to Trackmania’s track and replay editors and map-review servers, they can take part in daily competitions and will also include curated Track of the Day selections.

Finally we move onto the subscription to Club Access which allows players to create and join clubs to share creations and organize their own events. Along with extra features like access to exclusive skin customization, special campaigns, training tracks, online rooms, and club competitions. Club Access players can also compete in Ubisoft Nadeo’s Open Grand League, and attempt to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League… That is if your good enough!

Trackmania launches on PC via Uplay and Epic Games Store on July 1. For all our previous coverage you can find that here.

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