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Volcanoids set to add co-op action

To be honest, Volcanoids has only just came across my screen despite it entering Steam Early Access back in early 2019, but it has caught my attention. Volcanoids is a steampunk themed, base building survival where you are tasked to explore a giant volcanic island that you once called home. You soon realise that this is far from home, in fact the island has been turned into an apocalyptic wasteland and inhabited by strange creatures. You goal? Survive, outsmart them, and reclaim your homeland

Developer Volcanoid (you can see the inspiration behind the game’s name) have recently announced that co-op play in the works, meaning that you can team up with your buddy and focus on “operating the drillship and managing tasks together as a team”, as Volcanoid put it. If you mates are anything like the team at MEF TECH, you know that this will end in disaster… but it will be a lot of fun along the way! Volcanoid further explain that “One player will be able to drive the ship, while the others set up production stations, spy through the periscope, and create new items before the ship hits the surface”.

Included in this update will also be the addition of bunk beds, which makes sense with the addition of co-op, along with a simplified beginning to the game. Volcanoid have been listening to feedback from the community and understand that the beginning of the game was overwhelming for new players. They plan to gradually introduce new devices and systems that should allow players to adapt and learn the mechanics, rather be being expected to know how everything works. Volcanoid explain that they “hope this makes the first experience for new players way more enjoyable and removes the frustration of having no idea what all the different buttons do while also getting stressed out by the upcoming eruption”.

Further down the roadmap, Volcanoid have teased what is to come including improved COG unit models, new front drills, and new locations.

Unfortunately no release date is mentioned on when we can expect co-op to be added to the game, but stay tuned folks as soon as MEF TECH knows, you will know.

You can purchase Volcanoids from Steam by visiting the page here.

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