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The Mortal Kombat Movie Casts Its Fighters

A new Mortal Kombat movie coming in 2021 has recently announced who will star as major roles in the upcoming fighting film. New Line has announced the names of Mileena, Liu Kang, Jax and Sub-Zero.

The mortal kombat movie casts its fighters

Jax is set to be played by Mehcad Brooks known for his roles as Matthew Applewhite in Desperate Housewives and TV show Supergirl. Earth Realms finest Liu Kang will be portrayed by Ludi Lin. Known for playing Zack, the Black Ranger and the underwater warrior Murk in Aquaman. Mileena will be portrayed by Sisi Stringer who is a newcomer into the movie realm and finally the Lin Kuei leader Sub-Zero will be played by Joe Taslim best known for playing Jah in Fast and Furious 6.

The new Mortal Kombat movie is being directed by Simon McQuoid and is being shot in south Australia. This is actually a big deal for South Australia- A little state in Australia best known for our Churches and Wine rather than movies. The new Mortal Kombat game MK11 has taken over the world again with it’s sensational unique fighting styles, check it all out here. They recently released Nightwolf as a playable character too.

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