Xera: survival hits early access and is available now
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XERA: Survival hits Early Access and is available NOW

Following an Open Alpha that included over 10,000 participants, XERA: Survival has officially entered Early Access and is LIVE! XERA: Survival is all about, as you can probably guess, survival. Don’t be fooled, XERA: Survival is much deeper than your traditional survival game. XERA: Survival describes itself as “action-focused looter-shooter, designed from the ground up as a multiplayer, open world PvPvE experience with a persistent global gear stash that players can access from within the game and from any server”. XERA: Survival is the debut release from Spotted Kiwi Interactive, an independent development company based just next door to the MEF TECH team in the deep south of New Zealand.

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XERA: Survival could be compared mostly with Escape From Tarkov, this is largely due to the open-world/PvPvE elements combined with the “search of glory, revenge, salvation or political leverage – and loot”. Players will find themselves scavenging for weapons, ammo, food and water, medical supplies; craft the tools you need to survive the unforgiving forest environment or even worse, fellow human enemies.

Xera: survival hits early access and is available now

In these games, backstories are usually quite irreverent. But I personally found the reason why were in a world overran by robots that seem more at home in the Star Wars universe actually interesting.

“It’s 2022. The world is in chaos after a prototypecombat robot – banned by law and awaiting secure destruction by XERA Corporation – became self-aware, escaped and replicated on an industrial scale. Nation turned on nation in a fight for control over resources. With the attention of the world’s military on self-defence, mercenaries and disillusioned combatants have descended on a remote forest region to ransack the remains of XERA’s facilities, setting up two forward operating bases on each side of the forest. Between these bases there are no rules of engagement, as for some, nothing less than the future of the human race is at stake; for others, there is a potentially boundless paycheck. For all, the only imperative is survival”.

Xera: survival hits early access and is available now

Sounds interesting? You bet. Jimmy and I spent today experiencing the open world that XERA: Survival has to offer and we loved it. Hunting down those stupid AI robots, to stalking and hunting human enemies in our opinion, quite fair 2v1 fights. We may have had the occasional death or two, but don’t let the truth ruin a good story.

Want to jump in and experience XERA: Survival yourself? Head over the XERA: Survival Steam page and grab a copy for you and your friends and prepare to get dominated by the MEF TECH team.

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