9pasha leaves virtus. Pro for na'vi
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9pasha leaves Virtus.pro for Na’Vi

After their early exit from TI9, Virtus.Pro were tipped to have some significant changes to their roster. VP have wasted little time with confirming that both 9pasha and coach ArsZeeqq have left VP.

9pasha finds his way to fellow CIS team Natus Vincere, where he will be replacing fellow offlaner Blizzy. However, Blizzy is still under contract with Na’Vi and is assessing his options. One can only assume he will remain with the org until he signs with another team.

Both VP and Na’Vi have confirmed this news, along with Na’Vi formalizing their roster for the upcoming DPC season.

  1. Crystallize
  2. MagicaL
  3. 9pasha
  4. W_Zayac
  5. SoNNeikO

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