A plague tale: innocence monsters trailer is amazing
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A Plague Tale: Innocence Monsters trailer is AMAZING

The more footage that gets released, the more impressed I am with A Plague Tale: Innocence and developer Asobo Studio. With only 4 days until it’s release, the hype is continues to build towards one of the games of the year.

Day one purchase? Umm, YES!

The trailer continues to build upon the strong story of a brother and sisters survival against the odds. The Monsters trailer introduces us to.. well, a monster. A heavily armored knight with a sole purpose, to hunt both of you down. Combined with its gorgeous visuals and immsering music scrolls, I couldn’t be more excited for A Plague Tale: Innocence.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is out May 14 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the Fandango?

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