A-rpg killsquad hits steam early access
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A-RPG Killsquad hits Steam Early Access

Killsquad is an action-RPG that is much in the vein of Diablo with a hint of Helldivers and Warframe. Killsquad allows up to 4 players to select a Bounty Hunter, choose their contract and wreck havoc on unsuspecting planets. What’s left of these planets is yours-Scavenge materials and claim your bounty gold to upgrade your gear for your next contract.

As you can imagine Killsquad is all about grinding, killing and grinding some more. Earning valuable experience will allow your Bounty Hunter to reach higher levels, accessing new talents from the MOBA-like talent tree and unlock your ultimate ability. Vb There are currently 4 Bounty Hunters to choose from- Cass, Troy, Zero and Kosmo. Each Hunter is unique in the way of their skillset and much like your typical MOBA, playing each Hunter to their strengths will ensure a strong party and survival.

Killsquad has just been released in to Early Access and already achieved a Mostly Positive rating. The only criticism so far has been a lack of content in regards to the number of weapons and Bounty Hunters. As far as I’m concerned this is just water off a ducks back, more content will get released over the Early Access journey. The team behind Killsquad is Spanish developer Novarama, an experienced team who are responsible for a number of first-party games for Sony, so you can ensure that Killsquad is in good hands.

Head over to Steam and pick up a copy of Killsquad for yourself, it’s currently 20% off so go grab yourself a bargain.

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