A-rpg pagan online to leave steam early access
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A-RPG Pagan Online to leave Steam Early Access

Action-RPG Pagan Online is set to be unleashed from Early Access on August 27, promising be “a different game” according to developer Mad Head Games. Pagan Online was first released into Early Access back in April and initially stereotyped as a Diablo clone, but underneath it’s ARPG, hack-n-slash exterior, a unique MOBA influence is apparent. Best of all, it’s great fun!

Pagan Online’s Early Access journey has been short but clearly significant, as Mad Head Games chief creative officer Uros Banjesevic explains. “During our four month run in Early Access we have implemented massive changes and amazing new features and mechanics to deliver the best possible 1.0 experience at full launch, It is going to be, literally, a different game.”

What exactly does Mad Head Games have in mind for Pagan Online’s full release? Well, there will be host of new “features and content updates”. This includes a full eight-act story campaign that includes new zones, maps, and bosses, two new playable characters, updated crafting and loot drop systems, new skills trees and end-game content.

Don’t want to wait until August 27? You can hop straight into Pagan Online right now via Steam Early Access and save yourself $10 off its full release price.

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