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Afterparty Will have you drink like me… only in hell

Do you have what it takes to out drink Satan? I personally had 5 shots of Bacardi 151 straight after each other once, blacked out and a friends older sister had to drive me home whilst I hung out of her car naked and singing… in my defense… It was a cold night… sorry Sarah! Anyways Hold my drinks while I slam down some tequila and Get the puke bucket ready because we are going to drink the hell out of the night, in the upcoming Indie-adventure game Afterparty. Check out the official trailer below.

The story takes us on a journey of 2 friends, Milo and Lola and well basically, they are dead and end up thirsty in fiery old hell. Milo and Lola will meet new people, play games, talk some s**t, dance on into the night and maybe even spew up a little bit! Dialogue and activities will change on the choices of drink and also affect their abilities in the cool looking depths of hell.

Afterparty will launch October 23 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store.

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Written by Jimmy Lindsay

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