Age of empires 4 gameplay reveal coming tomorrow
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Age Of Empires 4 gameplay reveal coming tomorrow

I have a friend named Michael Franklin that has been pissing and moaning about the lack of Age Of Empires 4 information floating about the internet. For a man that lacks the ability to play any FPS game, eats pizza with only cheese and drinks nothing but cider on a night out, I feel the good news has arrived and it’s finally time for him to stip playing AOE 2 and upgrade his rig! Thanks to Xbox Games Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg for reminding us that we get our first glimpse of AOE 4 during X019, that he’s teased with a gif. 

Although we are going to have to wait until tomorrow to get the full run down on the game and I would suspect we will get a release date too. I hope you can wait till tomorrow Michael

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