Age of empires series pulling 1 million plus players monthly
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Age of Empires Series Pulling 1 Million Plus Players Monthly

Age of Empires will always hold a special place on my hard drive, from epic battles with CPU enemies to smashing Jimmy with catapults before he’s reached Bronze Age. Its still a game I play to this day, with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition installed on 4 of my PCs.

Age of empires series pulling 1 million plus players monthly

It’s great to see the series still finding its place in a battle royal world. With the franchise currently toping 1 million players a month according to an interview with series creative director Adam Isgreen over at PGGamesN. All despite the last major release, Age of Empires III was back in 2005. 

“It can’t just be nostalgia, right?” Isgreen said. “There are new people coming into the franchise and playing it, and I think the interesting thing is that for a lot of RTS games, I think there is a pent-up demand – and the numbers seem to back this – for more ‘thinking games,’ the games that require you to plan and strategise and think.”

Microsoft is set to strengthen the franchise, by recently establishing a brand new Age of Empires studio headed up by former Xbox Game Studios general manager, Shannon Loftis. Not to mention Age of Empires IV, with the announce trailer being teased back in 2017.

Remastered editions of both Age of Empires II (set for release later in the year) and Age of Empires III are in development.

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition will add 4k resolution, four new civilizations, a new campaign called The Last Khans and all existing Age of Empires II content.

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