All-new Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk Announced!
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All-new Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk Announced!

Industry leader Secretlab is at it again with the recent announcement of their new metal desk, MAGNUS. The steel tabletop will be coming in two lengths, 1.2m (47″) and 1.5m (59″). No matter which size you choose, every MAGNUS desk will also come with a full-length magnetic leatherette desk mat dubbed the MAGPAD.

The full tabletop coverage of the MAGPAD will both protect the desk and make it easier than ever for users to customize their space. In the announcement video, a few Esports variations are shown, and it looks like there will be many more designs to come. The base included MAGPAD is the Signature Stealth all-black pad, complete with an embroidered Secretlab logo.

All-new Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk Announced!

An easy-to-use rear-hinged cover is great for cable management and features LEDs to further customize each user’s desk. MAGNUS also features magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and custom cut cable sheaths along the table’s leg to help keep your setup free of cable clutter.

Magnus was designed to be as comfortable as possible, and every aspect, from the thinness of the desk to the carbon steel surface, has been carefully thought out and tested. The desk is incredibly durable and supports a weight of up to 100kg (220lbs), which is more than enough for multiple monitors and peripherals.

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Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi