Alliance and team liquid qualify for mdl chengdu major
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Alliance and Team Liquid qualify for MDL Chengdu Major

When your carry finishes the tournament with 139 kills, 16 deaths, and 136 assists for a KDA of 17.19, you’d expect to dominate wouldn’t you? Well, that’s exactly what Nikobaby and the rest of his Alliance team did- Dominate. Joining Alliance at the MDL Chengdu Major funnily enough, is the former-Alliance squad, Team Liquid.

The new lineup of NikoBaby, Limmp, 33, Handsken, and Fata, proved that Alliance are well and truly back. Despite dropping games to tier 2 teams such as six eight three and Ad Finem, Alliance saved their best Dota for the big boys. Alliance had no trouble accounting for Team Singularity in the Semi-Final, before defeating Liquid 2-1 to claim the first EU qualifier spot for the MDL Chengdu Major. If there’s one thing the rest of the professional Dota scene took out from these qualifiers it’s that you can’t underestimate Alliance.

In a stacked EU qualifier, Team Liquid proved once again what everyone already knows; they are one very talented team. Unfortunately, consistently has also been the major criticism of this ex-Alliance roster, and these qualifiers again proved to be the case. Liquid finished with the best record in the group stage, then easily defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Semi-Final but failed to fire against Alliance in the Upper Bracket Final, despite winning game 2 and forcing a game 3 but were seriously outplayed in game 3. This forced a rematch against ppd and his recently rebuilt NiP roster. The result however was exactly the same, Liquid 2-0ing NiP and joining Alliance at the MDL Chengdu Major.

It never feels good to miss out on a Major, but NiP should consider themselves unlucky. With only 2 qualifying positions available to a stacked EU region, there was always going to be an unlucky big team to miss out. NiP still have a chance to appear at MDL Chengdu, all they have to do is qualify for The Summit 11 Minor tournament (EU qualifiers begin today with 2 out of NiP, Team Singularity, Ascomanni and Ad Finem advancing through), and then win The Summit 11 Minor. Easy, right?

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