Alliance kick fata and 33
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Alliance kick Fata and 33

Alliance have announced the departures of the two founding members of the original stack that was signed by Alliance; team captain Fata and offlaner 33. Unfortunately, this is no joke, but rather as the organization “prepares for the future” in regards to the upcoming tournaments and challenges that the team will face leading up to TI10.

Fata himself has taken to Twitter to confirm that both 33 and himself were removed from Alliance, further explaining that “this came as quite a surprise to me and I feel pretty disapointed”. Alliance’s results have been solid, if anything, exceeding expectations when you consider the quality of opponents within the EU region, so for the org to kick both Fata and 33 doesn’t quite make sense.

Alliance will confirm their roster in the coming days as Nikobaby, Limmp, and Handsken all will remain with the org as part of the reshuffle. You can read Alliance’s official announcement here.

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