Apex legends have dragons on the way, suggests data-miner
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Apex Legends Have Dragons On The Way, Suggests Data-miner

The unstoppable force that is Apex Legends has just kicked off with it’s first season today. Releasing with it a ton of tweaks and cosmetics along with their newest legend Octane.

A file recently uncovered by a data-miner suggests that Dragons could be on their way to wreak some havoc on the Titanfall universe. Titanfall 2 always had these ‘dragons’ also known as Flyers, so i wouldn’t be surprised if we see them soon enough. The data-miners so far have been pretty on point with most stuff here.

Nothing else is known about how they will be integrated into the game, or whether they even will be, is still up in smoke….. but… where there’s smoke, there DRAGONS!!

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