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Apex Legends leaks continue with possible new Game Modes, Legends and a Replay System

I previously reported that dataminers have potentially discovered that solo and duo modes are on the horizon. Well, the leaks continue to be discovered. This time, @RealApexLeaks on Twitter have discovered potentially new Game Modes, upcoming Legends, and even a Replay System. Of course, this is all just speculation. However, we’ve seen these similar leaks from dataminers regarding Fortnite and generally, they’re not far off the mark.

Apex legends leaks continue with possible new game modes, legends and a replay system
The recent roadmap, I get the feeling Respawn are withholding some news…

One new game mode referenced in the code is called Survival mode. Not much information is leaked other than this mode will include NPCs spectators and commentators. The spectators will be limited to such reactions as drone, shock, cheer, roar and chant. While the commentators presently only have limited scripted lines based on your players action. These include Player did poorly, Player did okay, Player did well and Player did great. Plenty of room for improvement, but interesting that Respawn could be working on new modes already.

The other game mode discovered is Recruit mode. I’m personally excited about this mode. The thought of being able to down, then revive enemies to recruit them for your team sounds interesting and is thinking outside the box. At present, the mode will consist of 20 players and 3 teams. The last team surviving wins.

Next is a couple of upcoming Legends. The current build makes reference to a Legend called Octane. Octane appears to have an ability called Stim, possibly a heal or a supporting ability as two lines of code reference this ability with inject and release options. The final Legend could be referred to as Watsson. Yes, with double s. Watsson is set to be loaded out with a Telsa Trap ability. How electrifying!

Finally, information about the Replay System is fairly vague with no reference to which mode, or modes in which it will feature in. But if I was a betting man (can I borrow $20?), expect something similar to Titanfall and Call of Duty.

Rumors are rumors. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

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