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Apex Legends to Host Grand Soirée Arcade Event

Respawn Entertainment have decided to kick off their New Year with a special event in Apex Legends, the ‘Grand Soirée Arcade Event‘. Prepare yourself for 2 weeks of mayhem starting on January 14 and running until to January 28. As always with new events players can expect to earn exquisite new rewards, cosmetics and outfits. Take a sneak peek of the Grand Soirée Arcade Event below.

  • Seven Rotating Limited Time Modes – Experience seven different limited-time modes with a new mode rotating every two days like Armed and Dangerous and even new modes like DUMMIE’s Big Day.
    Three new challenges worth 1,000 points will also be available with each mode.
  • From Saturday, January 18 to Tuesday, January 21, players will are treated to a bonus scoring weekend bringing in an additional set of challenges worth a total of 500 points to really test your skills.

Legendary skins, as well as other Art Deco inspired cosmetics at a $5 price point can be purchased in game and Six new Legendary skins will also be added to the loot pool. The new Legendary skins can also be crafted or obtained from Apex Packs, or available if your feeling a little bit rich, for direct purchase.  

Apex Legends is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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