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Aquanox Deep Descent Explanation Trailer

Aquanox Deep Descent Explanation Trailer

Today THQ Nordic released an Aquanox Deep Descent explanation trailer to help players that need a little extra explaining about what this deep-sea game offers. Basically Aquanox Deep Descent is a first-person underwater vehicle shooter, in which you control a variety of customisable ships. The Aquanox franchise has been around for a while and a lot of players are familiar with the underwater action. But not everyone is well acquainted with the series so THQ Nordic is here to get everyone up to speed with an explanation Trailer, that you can check out below.


  • Fight: Unique underwater vehicle combat with a wide variety of play styles
  • Co-op: 4 player drop-in co-op, with four distinct pilots who are all involved in the game story
  • Customise: Choose your ship, and upgrade it to fit your preferred playing style
  • Explore: Explore, salvage, and loot- all while discovering the deepest corners of the ocean
  • PVP: Classic multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Dogfighting

Aquanox Deep Descent will launch into the deep on October 16th on PC.

For more information on the game, head on to the official Aquanox page or check out all of our previous coverage here.

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