Arc world tour 2020 - announced
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ARC World Tour 2020 – Announced

Arc system Works announced officially the ARC WORLD TOUR 2020, in conjunction with Cygames and Marvelous USA (formerly known as XSEED Games), featuring BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Granblue Fantasy: Versus as the main games for the tour.

The tour will feature a ranking system based on the class of the event attended, which are divided in three: Platinum, Gold and Daredevil events. As you might deduce, Platinum events will award more points (from event champion all the way the the 50th position), followed by Gold (from event champion to up to the 25th position) leaving the least amount of points to the Daredevil events (points will be awarded depending on the number of entrants).

However, the most interesting part about Daredevil events is that they are community-organized events that will have ArcSys support to be part of the tour and with the aid of make sure to follow if any of the tournaments near you will be part of the event.

The tour has not yet updated the situation on Online tournaments, but make sure to follow ArcSys twitter for more information soon.

The ARC WORLD TOUR 2020 site is now live, and you can check it out for more information here. THe first stops will be on March 20 at Brussels Challenge Major 2020 and Final Round 2020 .

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