Arcrevo america 2019 results
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ARCREVO America 2019 results

ArcRevo World Tour came to an end at ArcRevo America 2019 with nothing but amazing high-level gameplay for all the games played (being the main three Blazblue Centralfiction, Blazblue Cross tag Battle & Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2).

Blazblue Centralfiction was coming to its last year as a main game for the tour, and the grand finals certainly gave it the best farewell it could. CAG Fenritti & YMST went down all the way to the final round of the final game after Fenritti reset the bracket 3-0. On a high tension match, YMST managed to come out on top beating Fenritti 3-2 on game five taking the set, the match and the tournament.

On the other hand, Blazblue Cross tag Battle saw Crescent Shinku take it over Kyamei with a clutch reverse sweep 3-2 from the winners side to take the crown himself champion.

Finally, the Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2 grand finals also set the last year as a main game of the tour for the title. OMITO in convincing fashion took it over ChaChaCha in a clean 3-0 from the winners side giving a true testament of what the highest level of Guilty Gear looks like.

ArcSystem Works announced the main games for the 2020 world tour: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 2.0 & Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

The results for all three tournaments are shown below.

Blazblue Centralfiction

  1. YMST (Izanami)
  2. CAG Fenritti (Jin)
  3. Naoto (Rachel)
  4. YUTTA (Es)
  5. LeGaime Monster (Nine)
  6. Fukko (Bang)(tied for 5th)
  7. WP/DH Souji (Arakune)
  8. Tochigin (Azrael)(tied for 7th)

Blazblue Cross tag Battle

  1. Crescent Shinku (Yang, Ruby)
  2. Kyamei (Mitsuru, Akihiko)
  3. Bace (Mitsuru, Yuzuriha)
  4. CO Fenrich (Mitsuru, Yuzuriha)
  5. Tsurugi Tomorelo (Akihiko, Mai)
  6. TempestRomeo (Yu, Waldstein)(tied for 5th)
  7. WP/DH Souji (Arakune)
  8. PAG Fame96 (Yu, Jin / Hakumen, Merkava)(tied for 7th)

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2

  1. OMITO (Johnny)
  2. ChaChaCha (Haehyun)
  3. Daru_I-No (I-No)
  4. Illusion Lost Soul (Elphelt)
  5. Takehara (Ramlethal)
  6. CATPION daymendou (Slayer)(tied for 5th)
  7. Samitto (Chipp)
  8. Teresa (Jam)(tied for 7th)
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