Atlas releases 'mega update' that includes redesigned map, submarines and rideable giant crabs!
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Atlas releases ‘Mega Update’ that includes redesigned map, submarines and rideable giant crabs!

Ahoy, me hearties! It’s time to set sail and quest for hidden treasure. Well, sort of… Atlas, the pirate MMO that entered Early Access back in December has just released their biggest update yet. So big in fact that developers Grapeshot Games have labelled this update a ‘Mega Update’.

It’s a pirates life for me

Update 1.5, or the Mega Update if you prefer, actually lives up to its name. included in this update is a redesigned map that features 40% more islands/landmass, significant changes to the Claim System that should aid small crews/clans, a new Deep Ocean Trench to explore, a new rideable Giant Crab, a submarine and catapult that allows you to shoot companions out of it (think Sea of Thieves), guillotine for… well, chopping heads, new quests, improved performance and plenty more.

For all you unaware Buccaneers, there was plenty of hype and publicity when Atlas was released. Unfortunately, Atlas quickly walked the plank as the game felt like a poor, pirate port of their other release, ARK. I personally love Ark: Survival Evolved, but Atlas just feels rushed and only a fraction of what the devs had promised and tried to sell. This didn’t stop a peak of nearly 60,000 concurrent players enjoying what Atlas had to offer on release. Since then, player count has taken a sharp turn port side as the past month has seen an average player count of just over 2,000 concurrent players.

To read the official Update 1.5 patch notes, click here. Don’t own Atlas? You’re in luck. Atlas is on sale this weekend. Head over to the Atlas Steam page and gather your crew for some pillaging.

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