atr2100x-usb and atr2500x-usb microphone
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Audio-Technica launch ATR2100x-USB and ATR2500x-USB microphones

Audio-Technica know a thing or two about microphones. In fact, last month Audio-Technica Australia gave away $250,000 worth of microphones to support those forced to work from home due to the coronavirus. Audio-Technica haven’t stopped there, instead the company continues its support of helping content creators reach their goals and improve their content by announcing the launch of the ATR2100xUSB handheld microphone and the relaunch of the ATR2500xUSB cardioid condenser microphone.

Audio-Technica launch ATR2100x-USB and ATR2500x-USB microphones

The ATR2100xUSB is a dynamic handheld microphone that features both USB-C digital and XLR analog output, meaning it is the perfect solution to multi-purpose content creators who require a flexible solution to both home recordings and live performances. The ATR2100xUSB is the successor to the ATR2100-USB and builds on its foundation with an improved 24-bit rate and 192 kHz sample rate (compared to 16-bit/48kHz), along with a frequency response of 50–15,000 Hz. The ATR2100xUSB incorporates a cardioid polar pattern that reduces unwanted ambient noise from both the sides and rear of the microphone. You can pick up the ATR2100x-USB for $149 RRP that also includes a tripod desk-stand, two 2m USB cables and a 3m XLRF-to-XLRM cable for the price.

Audio-Technica launch ATR2100x-USB and ATR2500x-USB microphones

The ATR2500x-USB USB is one the best microphones we have had the pleasure of using at MEF TECH — It is our go to microphone for all of our content creation including our video reviews and Jimmy’s Twitch streams. Like the ATR2100xUSB, the ATR2500x-USB features a high-quality analogue-to-digital converter that can deliver 24-bit rate and 192 kHz sample rate along with an impressive 30–15,000 Hz frequency response. This side-address cardioid condenser microphone includes other features such as a headphone jack for monitoring, volume controls, a tripod, and a pivoting threaded stand mount that acts as both a traditional microphone stand or can be mounted to the tripod.

Audio-Technica launch ATR2100x-USB and ATR2500x-USB microphones

The ATR2500xUSB retails for $199 or can be picked up as part of Audio-Technica’s Content Creator pack for $345, which also includes a pair of ATH-M20X headphones and an adjustable boom arm. You can read more about the Audio-Technica Content Creator Pack here.

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Written by Shaun Grimley

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