Audio-Technica Release New ATH-GL3 & ATH-GDL3 Headsets

Audio-Technica Release New ATH-GL3 & ATH-GDL3 Headsets

With only 24 days until Christmas, Audio-Technica has released two new high-fidelity headsets to ensure that everyone can wake up to the perfect gift on Christmas morning.

The ATH-GL3 is a closed-back headset that focuses on delivering a deep sound and isolating the user from all ambient noise, while the ATH-GDL3 features an open-back design that produces an impressive soundstage while allowing users to maintain their awareness to their surroundings.

Both the ATH-GL3 and ATH-GDL3 feature 45mm drivers and feature a lightweight design of 230grams or less. These headsets are the first to feature Audio-Technica’s newly designed headband to aid comfort and support, and when coupled with the generously sized, plush earcups, there is no denying that these headsets are the perfect stocking filler come the 25th of December.

The ATH-GL3 and ATH-GDL3 are both available in white and available now from Audio-Technica’s online store and retailers for $169 (ATH-GL3) and $189 (ATH-GDL3).

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