Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things
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AVCon 2019 – A few Of Our Favorite Things

AVCon 2019 has now been and gone, if you missed it this year let us help try and fill the void left in your heart. MEF TECH got their filthy paws on some media tickets and headed in to see what Adelaide has to offer in the way of Indie games, Cosplay and Anime.


First up lets touch the Cosplay. I must say, I was impressed and surprised that this kind of talent was floating around. From Mario Maker to Halo and many more-plently of people showed off their Cosplay talents. Ashe was notably a stand out in the crowd of many but feel she nailed the costume, although not my favorite of the bunch. Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head was lurking for his next victim, with such detail that the cogs inside his weapon rotated, but the cream of the crop in my opinion was won by Pennywise. Yes the killer clown from the Stephen King horror IT was completely on point, chewing on a bloody hand and all. Unfortunately I forgot to get the names of all these wonderful people but that’s because I am an idiot. (Edit- We’re slowly tracking down the cosplayers!)

Card Games

I am not, nor have I ever really got into card games, but then again, I have never really tried. I thoroughly enjoyed Gwent, the card game that i lost countless hours of my life while playing Witcher 3. So while walking the rooms of AVCon we stumbled across this little gem, Exploding Kittens. The artwork on these cards was brilliant and hilarious. The game was easy to pick up and also very entertaining to play, I thought of it as an upgraded UNO. I once again walked away victorious amongst the MEF TECH clan, As I did with the original pong and the Mario Kart challenge… but enough about me! haha If you would like to check them out head on over to their official website here.

  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things
  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things
  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things

Indie Games

Well, no surprises here when it came to my favorite Indie game of the show. Some people call me bias, but I really think the boys at Melonhead Games are onto something here with their Rooftop Renegade. The game its self is coming along nicely and alot smoother from the last time I played it. They have also added in a multiplayer feature which allows one person to run and 3 people to gun which is delightfully chaotic. A leader-board was up for everyone to compete with the winner Jovialcereal taking home top spot with a speedy 1:39. Unfortunately I was only able to clock in at 1:50 so not even worthy of a top 10, but still better than any of the MEF TECH clan and really, thats all that matters to me.

Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things

A notable contender with Rooftop Renegade was a game called Tiki Trials, although I only had a quick shot at this game it seems challenging, fun and can itself be made into a speedrunner. I am interested in watching what these boys bring in the future.

The good people from WarCustoms got to show off their many talents when it came to controller designs. And well being the Half Life fan boys that we are, we couldn’t resist but to stop and take some snaps of the great range the had on display. If you are in the market for something specific, good chance they will have what you need.

  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things
  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things
  • Avcon 2019 - a few of our favorite things

Final Thoughts

3 days never feels long enough to experience everything Avcon has to offer, but all good things must come to an end. I got to relive some of my childhood memories in the Retro Museum, watch live Esports, experience some great local indie games, admire world class Cosplay and most of all, interact with plenty of people and share their experience. MEF TECH can’t wait to see you all again next year!

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