Avcon - m4a1's eye catching arsenal
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AVCon – M4A1’s Eye Catching Arsenal

Amongst the cosplay, awful hotdogs and hot gaming action I came across the M4A1 stand. According to their website M4A1 is the “Number 1 gel blaster provider and the best supplier for gel blasters in Australia.

On show was their RX Manual Glock Silver pistol, the M4A1 UMP Complete SMG and my personal favourite, the ZeHua Barrett M82A1.

While I’m not typically into guns I found myself unable to resist the urge to pick up a gun and fire off a few practice rounds. The guns are full featured and many offer the ability to switch from semi to full auto and are even equipped with a safety switch.

If you’re in the market oversized gel shooters head over to M4A1 and take a look.

We all know someone that needs a gel capping.

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Written by Joel Nitschke

I went to the store to get more fire, to start the war.

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