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Baldur’s Gate 3 Showcases 80 Minutes Of Gameplay At D&D Live 2020

Larian Studios’ Founder Sven Vincke kicked off Wizard of the Coast’s D&D Live 2020 presentation with a 90 minute stream of Baldur’s Gate III, this includes just over 80 minutes of actual gameplay footage where even the great man himself struggles to battle his way through the demo.

The gameplay video showcases everything we want to see in Baldur’s Gate III — Gorgeous cinematics, deep turn-based mechanics, and traditional D&D 5th Edition Rules. The video also shows how Baldur’s Gate III differs from Larian Studios’ masterpiece, Divinty: Original Sin in regards to its turn based combat.

Buldur’s Gate III has been confirmed that it will enter Steam Early Access this year. And while no official date has been annouced, there are rumours that it will be as soon as August.

For our complete coverage of Buldur’s Gate III, please click here.

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