Baldur’s gate 3 will hit early access this year
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Baldur’s Gate 3 will hit Early Access this year

It has been revealed that we may get a taste of Baulder’s Gate 3 much earlier than we originally suspected.. During a recent investor event at the New York Toy Fair, Wizards of the Coast parent company Hasbro confirmed that the next installment in the Baulder’s Gate franchise will enter Steam Early Access in 2020. This means we will be have a playable build of BG3 by the end of the year!

Baldur’s gate 3 will hit early access this year
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Larian Studios are no strangers to Early Access as their award winning (and personally favourites) Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2 both had great success with Kickstarter and Early Access, so it makes perfect sense to continue development down the same path.

The presentation also revealed some interesting news for Dungeons & Dragons fans by confirming that seven D&D-based RPGs are in development, with one game planning to be released every year until 2025.

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