Barotrauma hitting steam early access next month
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Barotrauma hitting Steam Early Access next month

What makes a great trailer? Exciting gameplay? Amazing graphics? A voiceover that sounds like it should be in an episode of Law & Order? Bingo! Barotrauma officially has a release date, albeit in Early Access, but this will allow FTL fans (myself included) a chance to get a game on this 2D-space-underwater-survival-coop-exploration simulator.

Next week on Law & Order…

Barotrauma is much in the vein of FTL, expect that it drastically builds upon the fundamentals of pretty much everything FTL offers. Everything from micromanaging your ship, or submarine on Barotrauma’s case, to managing power consumption of your nuclear reactor, to hand-to-hand combat with giant alien squids- Barotrauma is FTL but on a much, much larger scale. Best of all, you can do this all with a group of friends (12 player multiplayer) manning your crew. Work together to manage resources, defend your vessel, repair damage, fight off alien scum and explore the great alien ocean of Europa… Or disrespect your captain by “accidently” locking him in a room flooding with water and watch him drown to death- Look at me, I’m the captain now.

Look at me… Look at me, I’m the captain now

I can almost guarantee Jimmy is YouTubing various ways to piss me off in Barotrauma. Unfortunately he will have to wait until June 5 for when Baratrauma hits Early Access. Head over to the official Steam page here your more information.

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