Barotrauma is out now via steam early access
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Barotrauma is out now via Steam Early Access

Barotrauma is out now! Well, it’s been released in Steam’s Early Access program and it’s great fun. In case you missed my previous article about this FTL-like adventure, Barotrauma is an underwater simulator that is set in the deep ocean waters of one Jupiter’s moons- Europa . Here players will encounter numerous underwater aliens, a submarine that is as reliable as a plumbers estimate, an extremely hostile environment and the incompetents of both yourself and your 12 man crew. Your crew’s goal? To survive. Players will need to work together to ensure sufficient maintenance of your sub, gather resources to craft essential materials for creating, navigate the deep, icy waters of Europa and many other tasks that are required to ensure your crew’s survival. There’s many similarities that you could draw to FTL. Basically, Barotrauma feels like an evolution of FTL despite it being in Early Access and with the promise of plenty more content on the horizon, Barotrauma is shaping up to be an excellent release.

I seriously love this voice over guy

Jimmy and I had plenty of fun learning the fundamentals of Barotrauma and what it takes to operate and maintain our very on own submarine. Actually, I’ll be honest. We spent the first few hours not only successfully killing ourselves, but also each other and we bloody loved it! Being seasoned veterans of not only FTL, but gaming in general, we decided to skip the tutorial (something we regretted later) and found ourselves cruising the deep seas in autopilot. We enjoyed the sights of Europa and the gracious heat generated from our nuclear reactor without a care in the world. Again, if I’m honest, that’s not exactly what happened…. We had our sonar incorrectly set and spent the entire time docked, not moving one single inch. During this time, we constantly set our nuclear reactor on fire because, well… we wanted maximum power! This caused a few compounding issues- we ran out of fire extinguishers, fast. Our capacitors and batteries weren’t charging because we had no reactor and it didn’t help that Jimmy was our Engineer- a man who calls a Doctor to change a lightbulb in his house. We didn’t help ourselves though, we thought it would be fun to take copious amounts of opium and then try to operate a giant, complex submarine (then we decided to play Barotrauma!). We shot each other with guns, played hot potato with grenades and locked each other in rooms that were flooding with water- honestly, it’s what friends do. Eventually though, we got moving and explored the vast waters of Europa. We encountered many hostile aliens, stopped killing and drugging each other and really enjoyed working together to achieve the mission objectives.

Barotrauma is out now via steam early access
Similar to FTL, yet different…

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that so far, Barotrauma is a great game that gets better with friends. You can play seriously by enjoying the complex systems and stratification of working together, or spend hours sabotaging your mission with a group of friends. Either way, head over and grab Baratrauma here.

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