Blizzcon debuts diablo iv cinematic and gameplay trailers
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BlizzCon debuts Diablo IV cinematic and gameplay trailers

Finally, after years of speculation Blizzard have officially announced Diablo IV at BlizzCon 2019. The next installment in Blizzard’s iconic series looks incredible, I’m honestly speechless. The cinematic trailer is just shy of 10 minutes and is almost worthy of the big screen. While the gameplay trailer looks as gorgeous as ever while showcasing three classic classes- Sorceress, Barbarian, and The Druid, I feel like crying in that happy!

By Three They Come is the official title for Diablo’s cinematic trailer and it looks amazing — it’s dark, it’s gory, and there’s blood… a lot of blood. This is everything we want and expect from a Diablo game. Director Luis Barriga confirmed a subtle change of direction on the series, claiming that Diablo IV is “going back to the franchise’s darker roots. It’ll mean blood and gore. It’ll mean occult symbols and rituals.”

We’re not worthy! A gameplay trailer as well? Not only does this indicate development is quite far along, but it looks fantastic. Blizzard confirmed that a playable demo is avaliable at BlizzCon, again indicating that D4 is far I’m it’s development cycle.

The fast-paced, hack ‘n slash ARPG action s everything you expect from Diablo game. But here’s the interesting part — “Diablo IV will also provide opportunities for groups of players to encounter each other in the same shared world—whether to tackle bigger challenges… or possibly even slaughter one another in player-vs.-player combat.” This means that Diablo IV will incorporate an almost MMO type element where teams can cooperate and take down big enemies, or can battle it out in a good old fashion fight, very interesting…

No release date was confirmed. However, Blizzard have confirmed that Diablo IV will be released on current-gen consoles and PC, maybe Q2-Q3 2020?

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