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Call Of Duty Brings Back Killstreaks Including A Tank

The first look at Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is happening tomorrow and Activision have let there fans in on a sneak peak of a few killstreaks that will help players rule the battlefield.

Soldiers will be able to call in the old heavily armored juggernaut assault gear, jump in a light assault tank and spray the .50 cal machine gun, or simply dump some deadly chemicals from above burning all enemies that wonder to close! Either way expect killstreaks to play a big part on your mastery of the battlefield.

Killstreaks have been absent from the past few Call of Duty games, so it’s exciting to see them return in the Modern Warfare reboot and although I am a simple guy who loves simple war, there still is something fun about all these different killstreaks playing a part. I always enjoyed simple, UAV, Air Strike, Helicopter… although I do believe Call Of Duty 4 the best game ever.

Call of duty brings back killstreaks including a tank

Only the news of the gunsmith and a handful of maps have been teased so far with August 1 being the multiplayer gameplay release. If you want to know how, when and where check out our post here.

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