Call of duty league - season launches january 24, 2020
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Call Of Duty League – Season Launches January 24, 2020

The Minneapolis Armory is about to get fired up with the launch of the Call of Duty League season starting from January 24-26, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The event will be hosted by Minnesota Røkkr (Call of Duty League team) and they will be hosting all 12 professional Call of Duty League teams to compete across three days for the opening weekend of the regular season.

The Call of Duty League follows a home-vs-away style with 5v5 match play, involving a Search and Destroy game mode. If you need more information on the league you can head on over to the official Call of Duty League website here.

Call of Duty League Launch Weekend will also let amaturs in on the fun, featuring the season’s first Call of Duty Challengers Open. This is where players and fans from around the globe can compete as teams in an open tournament, and even some sneaky 2v2 gunfight is available to win you some prizes. Starting November, the competitors will begin battling it out in online ladders and tournaments, to earn themselves a place. If you need more information on this the head on over to the Call of Duty Challengers blog. Happy hunting soldiers.

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